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Hey! I'm Jacqueline. I am a digital based photographer in Durham Region who specializes in documentary, commercial, events and portrait photography.  

I capture photographs that allow me the freedom to shine on my creativity. I use my platform to convey important messages. 




In 2011, I went on a family trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I noticed my mom capturing memories through a camera lens. I became inspired to do the same. At the time, I was ten years old.  During the trip, using my birthday money, I purchased my first camera. A pink Fujifilm point and shoot camera. Since then, I have never stepped away from my passion of photography. 

In high school, I was enrolled in the Specialized Visuals Arts Program. My work involving photography was featured and recognized throughout the school. I won the Visual Arts Award along with the Media Art Award for my contribution to the school’s yearbook. 


In 2021, my photograph titled ‘Home’ was featured in the Perspective/Prospective exhibit located at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. 

In February of 2023, I was a selected student to participate in photographing Durham College's 2023 Cookbook. 

In December of 2023, my photo series 'The Human Behind the Photograph' was on display in the Whitby Public Library.


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